Executive Committee

President: Mark S. Nixon, University at Southampton, UK
Past-President: Venu Govindaraju, SUNY, University at Buffalo, USA

VP Conferences: Sebastien Marcel, Idiap research institute, Switzerland
VP Education: Karthik Nandakumar, IBM Singapore Lab, Singapore
VP Finances: Stephanie Schuckers, Clarkson University, USA
VP Publications: Mayank Vatsa, IIIT Delhi, India
VP Technical Activities: Pong-Chi Yuen, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Previous Executive Committee Members

Technical Committee

The IEEE Biometrics Council’s Technical Committee’s roles and responsibilities include supporting conference paper reviews; reviewing and creating expert web content; reviewing tutorials; supporting award nominations; cooperating with the publications, conferences and education committees; and actively shaping the technical future of biometrics within the IEEE.

P C Yuen, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong (Chair)
Vijayakumar Bhagavatula, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Xiaoming Liu, Michigan State University, USA
Antitza Dantcheva, INRIA, France
Adams Kong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee manages all the publications activities of IEEE Biometrics Council and interfaces with other entities to promote biometric publications.

Mayank Vatsa, IIIT Delhi, India (Chair)
Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland, USA
Josef Kittler, University of Surrey, UK
Nalini Ratha, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA
Ajay Kumar, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Education Committee

The Education Committee manages the Distinguished Lecturers Program (DLP); organizes biometric seminars; evaluates scholarship requests from students; facilitates the development of biometric tutorials; and interfaces with other entities to promote biometric education across IEEE as well as society-at-large.

Karthik Nandakumar, IBM Research - Singapore (Chair)
Brian Lovell, University of Queensland, Australia
Thirimachos Bourlai, West Virginia University, USA
Jianjiang Feng, Tsinghua University, China
Adam Czajka, University of Notre Dame, USA

Conference Committee

Sebastien Marcel, Idiap research institute, Switzerland (Chair)
Nasir Memon, New York University, USA
Adam Czajka, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Julian Fierrez, Unisersidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

Newsletter Editorial Board

Hugo Proença, University of Beira Interior, Portugal (Chair)
Maria De Marsico, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
Julian Fierrez, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
Tejas I. Dhamecha, IBM IRL, India
Berrin Yanikoglu, Sabanci University, Turkey
Emanuela Marasco, University of North Carolina, USA
Christian Rathgeb, Salzburg University, Austria

Society Representatives (in alphabetical order by society)

Shirley N. Cheng, Boeing, USA - Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society
Ljiljana Trajkovic, Simon Fraser University, Canada - Circuits and Systems Society
Joel Rodrigues, University of Beira Interior, Portugal - Communications Society
Frank Hsu, Fordham University, USA - Computational Intelligence Society
Anil Jain, Michigan State University, USA - Computer Society
Peter Corcoran, National University of Ireland, Ireland - Consumer Electronics Society
Amine Nait-Ali, University Paris-Est Créteil, USA - Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Voicu Groza, University of Ottawa, Canada - Instrumentation and Measurement Society
William Hamel, University of Tennessee, USA - Robotics and Automation Society
Pat Flynn, Univ. of Notre Dame, USA - Signal Processing Society
Bruce Hecht, Analog, USA - Solid-State Circuits Society
Yong Xu, Harbin Institute of Technology, HIT Campus Shenzhen, China - Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society
Manfred Weihnacht - Ultrasonic, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society
Javier Gozalvez, Spain - Vehicular Technology Society

Nominations Committee

Venu Govindaraju, SUNY, University at Buffalo, USA (Chair)
Vijayakumar Bhagavatula, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
C. L. Philip Chen, Junior Past President, IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society

Fellows Committee

Nalini Ratha, IBM, USA (Chair)
Jon Connell IBM Research, USA
Terry Boult, University of Colorado, USA
Nasir Memon, NYU, USA
John Schneider, Qualcomm
Fabio Roli, University of Cagliari, Italy


Richa Singh, IIIT Delhi, India

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